HR Trimming to ms wire machine

HR Trimming is scrap of MS Pipe industries
From HR trimming we can manufacture MS wire, Nails Wire and Binding Wire.
We invented these machines in1968 and more than 150 factories we have set up near to our factory as it's the best way to make best from waste.
It can be process through 3 stages:
  • Slitting Machine: MS pipe scrap is uneven so its length is divided with these slitting machine and coiled into rewinders and then we can process in rolling machine to make it semi round
  • Rolling Machine: In this machine MS PIpe Scrap is pulled through these rolls and pressed 3 times in flat, straight and round way. This will make a semi round of ms pipe scrap.
  • Wire Drawing Machine: This semi round ms pipe scrap pulled out from a rolling machine is then put into a wire drawing machine with zero gauge die to make it round and give proper shape to it. Finally we can manufacture 4mm wire from MS pipe scrap.
This way we can manufacture 4mm coils and make ms wire, binding wire and nails wire.

The HR Trimming to ms wire machine is an engineering marvel that seamlessly combines precision and efficiency. This cutting-edge piece of equipment represents a breakthrough in the field of metalworking, as it enables manufacturers to trim hot-rolled (HR) steel sheets with utmost accuracy and transform them into high-quality mild steel (ms) wires. With its advanced technology, this machine ensures consistent dimensions throughout the trimming process, guaranteeing uniformity in every single wires produced.

It boasts an automated system that carefully feeds the HR steel sheets through a series of meticulously calibrated rollers, gradually reducing their thickness while maintaining optimal tensile strength. The trimmed sheets then undergo precise shearing, ensuring clean edges and minimizing material waste.

The transformed HR sheets emerge from the machine's intricate mechanisms as flawless ms wires ready for various applications across industries such as construction, automotive manufacturing, and electronics production. The HR Trimming to ms wire machine not only streamlines production processes but also enhances product quality by delivering standardized results time after time.

HR Trimming to ms wire machine

Introducing the HR Trimming to MS Wire Machine

Introducing the HR Trimming to ms wire machine - a game-changer that revolutionizes the manufacturing industry! This cutting-edge technology is designed to streamline and enhance the wire trimming process, sparing no effort in delivering precision and efficiency. With its state-of-the-art features, this machine effortlessly trims wires of various gauges with utmost accuracy. Seamlessly merging human resources with advanced machinery, it ensures optimal productivity while reducing manual labor requirements.

The HR Trimming to ms wire machine boasts an intuitive interface that allows operators to navigate through its myriad functions seamlessly. Equipped with expertly calibrated sensors, it guarantees consistent results by monitoring every meticulous detail during production. Its reliable performance eliminates any room for error, ensuring each trimmed wire meets exact specifications without compromise. Say goodbye to time-consuming hand-trimming processes and embrace this groundbreaking tool that will undoubtedly elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights of excellence!